When a person with a drug and alcohol addiction goes through treatment, he or she changes their entire lifestyle to live substance-free. Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is tough. In recovery, you need to retrain your brain so it can function normally without relying on drugs and alcohol. Removing these substances from your body allows you to enjoy what life has to offer. Replace old habits with new healthy ones.

Now, you can focus on fun, positive, sober activities and things that you enjoy. Work on developing healthy relationships with family and friends. Exercise, eat healthy food and make sure you get back into a normal sleep pattern. Go for walks outside, find an interest in sports, participate in afterschool activities, or join a gym. Explore different activities. Another option is to join a support group.

In early sobriety, you might feel bored, but you need to stay active. Remember, your mind is now cleared of any substances and when you used drugs and alcohol, it took up a lot of your time. Now you need to fill the void. Sobriety is a lifestyle change and allows you to live life to the fullest. When you stop using drugs and alcohol, you discover yourself. When you engage in enough work, it not only brings a sense of accomplishment but also raises your self-esteem.

Once you put your mind to things that interest you, boredom will be replaced with fun. Eventually, any downtime you have will be consumed with activities. Maintain a schedule and stick to it. When you keep a schedule, you will stay active and organized. If you do have some downtime, just think about how far you have come to sobriety.

Boredom puts you at high risk of relapse because when you have nothing to do you will likely think about the substance and crave it more. Do not jeopardize all the work you put into being sober by thinking about the substances you used. Keep your mind busy and use your talents. Distractions help you to think about something other than the substances you used. Soon enough, you will not have enough time!


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