Christmas is time to remember good times, enjoy festivities, and have fun. There are many things to get done and preparations to make but there are also plans to arrange that don’t have anything to do with drugs or alcohol. Finding sober fun can be hard at holiday time but it is possible.

Decorate the House

Decorating the home is not an activity that requires any drinking or use of substances. It is less likely than anything else you do to trigger cravings or a desire to use, unless it causes anxiety and stress. In that case, find people you can decorate with who don’t cause stress (friends, loved ones, sober coaches). It can be a bit overwhelming but do enough that makes you happy and don’t worry about the rest.

Prepare Ornaments

Spending an afternoon making your own decorations is an ideal way to enjoy time with kids but also is good without kids, too. There is nothing more festive than surrounding yourself with glitter, glue, and cards to let your imagination fly just like a child. In the end you have fun, get sticky from playing with glue, and maybe even laugh a little along the way.

Cook Sweets

Christmas is a good time to get that sweet tooth revved up with a bite of sweets and candies. Cook favorite desserts and make plans with friends. Warm your toes by the fire as you taste the fruits of your labor and worry less about partying and just enjoying simple moments with friends and loved ones (or by yourself if you fancy cooking treats alone).

Sip Hot Chocolate

There are many recipes out there for homemade hot chocolate and marshmallows. Why not whip up a batch and give it a try. It may be fun to play Martha Stewart a little bit, even if you are tired of staying indoors. This can be a fun way to pass the time. Even if it is not cold outside why not give it a whirl and try different kinds to see what you like.

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