Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is an effective, evidence-based program for continued care after residential treatment. IOP also serves as an alternative to residential care for individuals unable to admit into our 30-day program. IOP allows the individual to pursue treatment without disrupting everyday responsibilities by attending treatment during weekday afternoons or evenings.

At The Springboard Center, our IOP employs a unique combination of the Matrix Model and the 12 Step program. The Matrix Model is an evidence-based and scientifically studied method of providing intensive outpatient treatment. Since its development in the 1980s, the Matrix Model has proven itself to be one of the most effective modes of substance abuse recovery and has been adopted by many major treatment organizations, notably including the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), the nation’s foremost authority for drug abuse research and quality standards. The Matrix Model is based on an optimized combination of other clinically effective treatments, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, person-centered therapy and family therapy. It centers on providing a time-limited, structured program that can provide a sense of accomplishment and reward as a client moves through each step and session.

Our IOP is a highly structured ten-week program, providing a safe and secure environment to discuss issues, develop life skills and receive support while coping with day-to-day work, school and life stressors. Individuals will receive ten hours per week of individual, group, gender and family counseling. All group counseling sessions are led by licensed professionals and are designed to be interactive and a pivotal part of the recovery process.

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