Going away on holiday is important for people who are sober as much as anyone else. The reasons why people go on holiday sober are no different but the parameters may be different because sobriety is at risk at every turn. Figuring out a plan beforehand is key to ensuring lasting recovery and not risking relapse.

Pick a Location

Odds are good that a last minute vacation will not be far from home. It may be the best thing to do just in case things don’t go as planned. Steer away from some spaces to protect recovery and don’t go to cities known for their partying reputations. Instead, try finding unique hidden gems to experience something new. Have a creative project you’ve been thinking of but haven’t had time.

Build an Itinerary

Itinerary makes sense when you think about flights and hotel check-ins but they’re also great for planning your sober holiday. Some people may find them stressful but itineraries help you plan your time and reduce stress. Sober vacations can help you spend your time having fun. Remember, it is a guideline, so don’t hold yourself to one itinerary without leaving wiggle room for rest and relaxation when needed.

Pick a Travel Buddy

Traveling alone can be fun but it can also ensure you stay sober while on holiday to bring a friend along. Having a friend helps increase the opportunities you have to explore, stay safe, and be accountable to your goals. If you are splitting costs, you may have extra money for doing fun things and buying memorabilia from your trip. Be sure the person you choose is responsible and considerate of your feelings and needs.

The best thing to do when considering travel while sober is to plan ahead. When you have a plan, you will know what to do in case of emergency, can plan for what to do if you are triggered, and have a written sheet that details who you can call and where to go if you are feeling anxious, worried, or even feel recovery is threatened by cravings or triggers. When you are going on vacation, it will be difficult to think of everything so make sure to run your ideas past someone who holds you accountable to your goals. If you are struggling, you can always reach out to local recovery groups (make sure there will be some nearby ahead of time) or call an emergency hotline. The idea is to stay sober while on vacation but still have lots of fun without worrying too much. When you plan ahead, you ensure you can go in peace and rest while you vacation without thinking about recovery every second of the trip.

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