The heavy use of energy drinks can be detrimental to a person’s health. Scaling back on them is good not only for physical health, but emotionally as well. It can become a cross over addiction very swiftly but it may be a standalone addiction that starts as well. Find out why you should scale back on energy drinks and how to start the process.

Energy Drinks and Substance Use

Energy drinks have a combination of caffeine, vitamins, and herbs that not only have a kick but have been found to be a gateway drug.  Young adults who regularly drink energy drinks with high caffeine content can, over time, begin to use other drugs, including alcohol. College students were studied about their energy drink consumption over a year’s span of time. The participants were monitored over three years and it was found that those who drank a consistent or increased level of energy drinks experienced:

  • Higher rates of cocaine use
  • Prescription stimulant misuse
  • Higher rates of alcohol abuse

Risks of Energy Drink Use

The risks of using energy drinks over time has been highlighted but it should be noted that some may experience a few of these while others may experience several. Even one of these may be a sign addiction to energy drinks has occurred and should be taken seriously:

  • Headaches and migraines from withdrawal (a sign of dependence)
  • Increased anxiety that comes with consuming too much caffeine
  • Insomnia which can lead to dangerous risks while working or driving
  • Type 2 diabetes from wearing out insulin-producing cells of the pancreas
  • Drug interaction with medication for depression or mental health conditions
  • Addiction where a person cannot function without it
  • Cardiac arrest

Further research is still needed, and ongoing, as it regards people’s abuse of these substances. Policy efforts to support young people and adults who struggle with addiction issues are ongoing. Marketing towards young people is keeping them in lockstep with the idea of drinking energy drinks as an alternative to other caffeinated beverages while minimizing the health risks. Loved ones suspected of not being able to stop energy drink use should contact a treatment facility who understands addiction and mental health issues and can assess their loved one to see if they require treatment for their own safety and well-being.

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