People may have seen yoga classes on television and taken a peek through a studio and feel that this is not for them. They could have their own myths and beliefs about yoga that is stopping them from trying it out. Yoga is very spiritual and does wonders for your body that you should not miss out on because of false rumors.

One common rumor about yoga is that you need to be flexible to give it a try. Yoga can help you build strength, tone your muscles, and improve your breathing. Flexibility is a small component in yoga that will improve over time. Another common myth is how yoga is only for women. Yoga can be for any gender or race. Men will miss out on a physical, spiritual, and mental practice if they do not give it a chance. Some feel that you will not burn any calories doing yoga since it is spiritual. The truth is that there are different types of yoga that can involve more activity than others like full body workouts, some focus on breathing and stretching, and other incorporate cardio routines.

Some also believe that yoga is a religion since it is a part of Buddhism and Hinduism. Even though it may be a part of a religious practice, you do not have to belong to that religion to do yoga. Yoga has no theology, church, or temple but it is all spiritual. Another false myth is that there is only one type of yoga. Like it was mentioned before, yoga involves a number of different types. There is Yin yoga which is slower and holds poses for a long time. Ashtanga yoga is fast paced and rigorous. Restorative yoga achieves relaxation with blocks and straps which is good for your digestion. Alignment-based yoga is good for your back pain.

Yoga is also not just practiced in a yoga studio as you can practice at home with online classes, DVDs, apps, and websites. Some people do yoga at home first where they are more comfortable and then join an official class or the other way around. Others may feel yoga is too expensive to do. In cities, yoga is $16-$23 a class. Some studies are donation-based, community-based, and local recreational facilities that have free yoga classes. Give yoga a chance to gain a connection with you body that you never had before.

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