Yoga is one of the most widespread fitness revolutions on the planet. It’s grown from being practiced mainly in India to becoming a global phenomenon, with people turning to it for everything from weight loss to help with increasing focus to simply becoming more flexible or striving to find inner peace. The people who practice it constantly sing its praises, and it’s recommended for the young and old alike, and one group that it’s becoming increasingly recommended for is those recovering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol.  People who battle addiction often deal with a wide variety of issues, anything from underlying health problems made worse by addiction to injuries or mental health issues that were part of the start of the addiction. Yoga, while not a cure-all, can help address many of these issues in an extremely beneficial way.

One of the most obvious benefits is the feeling of ease that comes after almost any physical activity. With yoga, this sense of well being is often more pronounced. A key part of yoga practice is learning how to to breath well, and no matter what kind of yoga you decide to try, movement is related completely to your own breathing. When you’re breathing well, you’re going to be able to move and stretch well, and when you’re finished, it may surprise you how much simply breathing full, deep breaths while you move puts your mind and body at ease. Yoga is also physical, and even if you don’t realize how hard you’re working, your body will thank you. Physical activity makes your body and mind feel good, and when you feel good naturally, it makes it that much easier to avoid turning to unhealthy habits or previous ones to feel better.

Many people who struggle with addiction feel as if they’re missing something, or that they have some sort of need that isn’t being met. This is often why people begin using drugs or alcohol in the first place, to try and make up for that. Yoga, by teaching you to focus all of your thoughts and attention inward, can help you focus on what you’re truly feeling or needing, not what you think you need.






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