There is never any harm in wearing a smile. It may not feel right to smile when you feel there is nothing to smile about but wearing a smile more can greatly improve your attitude. By smiling more, people will feel they can come to you and you will feel good about yourself.

Smiling will make you more likeable and approachable compared to wearing a frown or looking deadpanned. A study from the University of California says that those who genuinely smiled with positive emotion still have a healthy marriage when they were still in their 50s. The University of Kansas says that whether you are smiling because you mean it or you do not, your body will recognize that there are no threats and your heart rate will slow down along with your cortisol levels and blood pressure.

It is possible to also live longer as a result of smiling more. Wayne State University did a study to show that Major League Baseball players from 1952 who had genuine smiles on their baseball cards lived to be around 79.9 years old while partial or no smile players lived five to seven years less. Smiling will make other people happy. When you smile at strangers, the chances are that they will smile back at you. People want to match the emotions of others which is why adults who spend a lot of time with children will have a better attitude than around adults. If you are a waiter or waitress and the people at your table do not look friendly, if you smile at them when you say hello to them, they will most likely smile back at you knowing that you are friendly and can talk to you. You will be able to gain trust from them if they ask you whether or not a certain item on the menu is any good and could get better tips.  

Not only will others feel good at your smile but you will feel good as well. Smiling activates the orbitofrontal cortex of the brain which processes sensory rewards where your smiles will feel like gifts. When people recover from depression, psychiatrists will see their patients smile more as it releases endorphins. A morphine-like action occurs that relieves stress and reduces the pain perception in the brain. Wearing a smile all of the time will make you and others very happy.

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