We already know that when you are in recovery, it is critical for you to give up drugs and alcohol. Being clean also requires you to give up the negative behaviors and beliefs that brought you to addiction in the first place. By making changes in your thinking and attitudes towards the world, you will be able to achieve sobriety much easier.

The first thing to give up is your need to control everything. We need to accept that things happen that were have no power over. We need to accept things as they come and trust that the universe knows what it is doing. The second thing to give up is to stop blaming other people for your mistakes. For example, if your partner broke your heart and left you, that is not an excuse to self medicate with alcohol to prevent feelings of depression. You need to acknowledge your mistakes and accept responsibility in order to take action to fix them.

The third thing to give up is your negative inner thoughts that tell you that you are not good or not worthy of happiness. Ignore your negative thoughts and just focus on the positive as the world is full of not just bad things that can happen but good as well. The fourth thing to give up is your complaining about how unfair things are in your life. The world itself is unfair. Complaining about every little thing not working out the way you want will not fix anything. You need to make the most of a bad situation and turn it into something good.

The fifth thing to give up is being your own critic. We all make mistakes and we all have things that we are not good at compared to other people but we cannot hold onto those flaws. We need to focus on the things we are good at and to tell ourselves that we are doing the best we can. The sixth thing is pretending to be someone that we are not in order to impress people. The best way to impress someone is to be yourself. The seventh thing is your excuses as a way to justify not doing the right thing. Do not search for excuses and do what is right in order to get better. The eighth thing is to give up obsessing about the past and forgive yourself.

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