Yoga is one of the most popular and widespread fitness movements in the U.S. today, and there’s no surprise why. Whether people try it to lose weight, become more flexible or embrace their inner zen, a majority of people who try it stick with it to some degree, either with daily practice or regular group classes. It’s an activity recommended for a variety of ages, and even if you’re not a flexible person, it’s a healthy habit to pick up. For people in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, this is especially true. Yoga offers many benefits that can make your recovery a little easier on you, even on the hard days. Below, we’ve gathered ten of the top reasons you should try yoga if you’re in recovery from addiction.

  1. It gives you a chance to center yourself – Once, when you were overwhelmed by things around you, you may have turned to drugs or alcohol. Now, even a fifteen minute practice can give you the quiet time you need to get a hold of yourself on your own.
  2. The movement will help you relax – Many people find they struggle with anxiety or even depression after achieving sobriety, and the movement in yoga is largely related to your own breathing, meaning the more steady your breath, the better you’ll feel. Plus, exercise releases the body’s own feel-good chemicals, helping you relax even further.
  3. It’s good for your mental health – Focusing on yourself, even if it’s only for 15 minutes a day, seeing how you’re really feeling and checking in with yourself are extremely beneficial because it gives you the opportunity to check in with yourself.
  4. It’s easy to set and meet goals – Whether you’re a true beginner to yoga or you’ve been practicing for a while, being able to set goals that are challenging and yet within reach and then meeting those goals will give your self esteem a big boost. On your hard days, this is especially important.
  5. It’s good for your overall health – being active in any way is always good for you, and yoga amplifies this by adding flexibility in with being active and moving. When your body feels better, it’s easier to deal with stressors and the unexpected. When you’re not overwhelmed by your stress, you’re going to feel better physically.





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