Drinking has become like a popular sport in America. People all over of all ages are drinking at meal times, during outings, even in their own homes more than ever before. Some people drink to escape stress or to enjoy time with friends. Others seek to lower inhibitions and have fun. Social drinking can be associated with myriad problems including impaired memory, coordination, and judgment. If a person frequently engages in activities that involve drinking, they run the risk of developing addiction. Finding sober activities without alcohol is the best way to ensure having fun while feeling awesome (with less guilt or shame about being sober).

Go Run

Exercising is one of the healthiest sober activities. If you find joy in going to the gym, running, or walking around your neighborhood, then exercising may be your thing. It can reduce stress and improve overall health. Research has shown frequent exercise can increase confidence during recovery. Maintaining good physical and psychological health is important for recovery. Exercising can improve mood and enhance your physique.


Most large cities and small towns offer one or more museums to explore. Visiting a museum can provide you the space to learn more about history, view art, and meet people with the same interests. Museums often include unique exhibits and galleries that attract hordes of visitors. With small kids, this may include taking them to a zoo or aquarium. Families can marvel at the variety of land or sea animals from elephants and giraffes to sharks and whales.

Bike or Skate

Going biking or skating are fun sober activities to improve physical health. Pedaling and blading through parks or the neighborhood can clear your mind, improve endurance, and help you explore interesting insights. People who are introduced to physical activities like roller-skating are more likely to develop interest in physical activity later in life and keep it up over time.

Coloring or Art

Coloring books are not for kids anymore. Adult coloring books can relieve stress. Coloring can reduce anxiety, increase focus, and create mindfulness. Adult coloring books have increased in popularity. Many people who participate in art therapy, or the process of creating artwork to explore feelings, manage behaviors, and increase self-esteem often find it therapeutic. Unlike coloring for fun, art therapy is very specific but there are adult coloring books and ways to do it in a freestyle form that is just for fun and to get the creative juices flowing.

Another fun way to spend time with friends is with sober game night. This helps avoid triggers when you organize your own game night, invite friends to support you and help you avoid things that might set off your mind towards drinking. Sing karaoke, watch a movie, or do puzzles and find games that make you laugh and think. These have physical and psychological benefits, including building community which lowers anxiety over time.

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