Less is typically more, as the saying goes. It is easier said than done to embrace the minimalist trend because marketers want us to believe having more is better, not less. Buy more things to make you happy, buy more things to create the life you want. When it comes to living space, everyone is going smaller and more simplistic. We will help you see why less is definitely more and how to embrace this trend for your life.

Lesson One: Declutter

Letting go of things you do not need is the first step towards a minimalist lifestyle. Go through the homem with eyes open and think about what you need to live. Think about what you can spare and live without. For most people, the wardrobe is too full and the shelves bend from all the decoration and books. Anything you have had for at least two years or just gathers dust can usually be discarded. You might also consider unused furniture or pieces that don’t serve you any longer. You may even make money reselling old, unused toys, furniture, and other homegoods.

Lesson Two: Consciously Create Space

Your apartment or home may feel more empty now without things but you have a framework now to work off of to create a life you want. Look over the floorplan of your home. Decide how you want it to feel. If you like living without furniture, then approach it from the mindset you only need a few pieces to create the space you want. Smooth floors are better than high-pile carpets for cleanliness and space. The floor should form a free area that is spacious and not interrupted by carpets or accessories. On a light wood floor you may also have a light carpet to accent the room.

Lesson Three: Furniture

You are already in the mindset, now you need to equip your home with furniture you need. Focus on essential things like a bed, table, chairs, kitchen, and sofa. Stick to following rules of the elements: make the design clear and spartan. Classic shapes and straight lines, slender legs and function is what counts. Do not forget storage as you can always store some things you don’t need out right now. Use cabinets with simple  fronts. If you create too much storage, you just clutter up the cupboards and cannot find anything. Make it clear what you want out of your space and you’re more likely to create the look and feel you want without going overboard.

Everything starts with mindset. If you are happy with the mindset you have towards minimalist design, you are less likely to return to your old clutterbug ways. If you haven’t changed your mindset, you are less likely to consider moving forward with minimalism if you did not rearrange your mind around keeping spaces clear.

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