It can be very frustrating and devastating to see someone you love struggling with addiction. You may feel like they are a lost cause and want to run away from helping them. It is important to never give up on the ones you lost as everyone has the potential to get better.

You may remember all of the times that your loved one has betrayed your trust by stealing, lying, and seeing a completely different person in front of you. You may feel happy once this person tells you that they want to recover but then disappointed again when they relapse. The thought may have crossed your mind that there is no chance of recovery. You need to remember that your loved one is just as capable of recovering as anyone else. It does not matter how deep they are in their addiction. While addiction itself may not have a cure, there are a number of treatment options available such as inpatient or outpatient rehabs, 12 step programs, mindfulness therapy, counseling, group therapy, etc. They may have all of the resources available to them but still need to find the will to get better. You can help them find that will by reminding them why they need to get better and what kind of person they can come when they become clean.

It is also important to remember not to look down on your loved one if they relapse. While it may damage your hopes to see that person slip and fall, remember that this is a normal part of recovery. Just like how people can fight cancer or another chronic disease and have their setbacks, the same goes with addiction. It can take multiple relapses to find get to the point of sobriety just like a cancer patient may get sent to the hospital multiple times from complications of their disease but have the ultimate potential to go into remission. There is always hope as long as that person is still breathing.

There are no lost causes when it comes to addiction. We have treatment centers and addiction professionals who are willing to help. There is no such thing as being immune to recovery. If one method does not work for your loved one, another one will just like if one medication does not work, there are other options to try. Remember to never lose hope in addiction recovery.

Located in downtown Midland, The Springboard Center’s mission is to offer programs and services to treat alcohol and drug addiction treatment using an evidence based curriculum, 12 step programs, diet, nutrition, exercise, emotional, mental and spiritual development for a long recovery. For more information, please call us at 432-620-0255 as we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.