One of the most important steps in treatment for drug or alcohol addiction is to start developing healthy habits in all aspects of your life. Your addiction has most likely caused health problems, ranging from poor diet to serious issues like liver failure or heart problems from drug use. It wreaks havoc on your body, mind and spirit, and in order to set yourself up for success after treatment, you have to start working on good habits to replace the old ones that led you here.

Sometimes, the easiest way to get started is just to simply do it. No, you may not really want to start getting up earlier every day, for example, but if it’s important that you start making more time in your day so you’re not rushed or stressed to avoid the possible trigger, sometimes you have to embrace Nike, and just do it. Try it for at least ten days, whether you’re pumped about it or not, and if you notice a difference, chances are you’re going to start enjoying that extra thirty minutes or an hour in the mornings.

It’s important to work towards habits that are maintainable for you; if you’ve never enjoyed running, don’t try to force yourself to pick up the habit of running several miles a day. If you don’t enjoy some of these habits you should be working towards, you won’t keep them up. Don’t start to blow more money than you can afford on trying to keep up with what you want for these habits, either.  If you want to start eating better, it can start with just swapping out high sugar foods or drinking more water. You don’t need to buy a new skillet set or expensive knives to have a good foundation for a healthier meal. Be more mindful of your ingredients instead. By not allowing yourself to go overboard too quickly, you’re not putting a ton of pressure on yourself that could potentially be a trigger.

It’s good to make plans and lists of goals and habits you’d like to have, but in order to get those habits and keep them up, you have to start somewhere. Even if it’s something you may not enjoy, but could benefit you, it’s worth it to just try it out, even for only ten days, and see if it makes a difference for you.

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