For those who are struggling with their recovery, smartphones are mobile devices that you can bring with you anywhere and can help you whenever you need it. Smartphone apps can help recovering addicts be able to track their progress and get as much support as possible wherever you go.

Recovery smartphone apps are a great place to go to for motivation and tips. They can be available to anyone despite the location and many of them are either free or cheap to use. You can find support anonymously without calling a hotline or joining a support group. These apps were made by addiction specialists or those who are experts on the subjects of addiction so all information is scientifically accurate.

One example of a recovery smartphone app is Quit That!. Available on iTunes, this app finds out how many minutes, hours, days, weeks, and years it has been since you have quit your addiction. You can either share your progress or keep that information private. There is also the AA Big Book which you can either get for free or get the full version for $.99 on iTunes or Google Play. In the free version, you can read the full text of the Big Book as well as get access to prayers, personal stories, listen to podcasts, and find contact information for any meeting in the U.S. You can also discuss any chapters in the comments. In the full version, you can listen to speaker tapes from meetings worldwide and jot down any notes you have. There is also a sobriety calculator and you can bookmark any sections from the Big Book.

Sober Tool is available on iTunes and Google Play for free that gives those in recovery all of the tools they need for sobriety. There is a sobriety counter that calculates the amount of time you have been clean and how much money was saved. There are also daily motivational messages and notifications as well as a search engine to search what to do when you are experiencing certain feelings. If you feel like relapsing, there is a part in the app where you answer simple questions and it leads you to an answer to prevent a relapse. There is a community forum as well to anonymously share your personal stories and get support. Using any of these apps will be a great tool towards your recovery.

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