Not a week goes by when someone doesn’t remind us that we should take better care of ourselves. The internet is flooded with people trying to improve their physical wellness. Gyms are massively popular, and the benefits of being fit and healthy are well known. What’s far less discussed is the importance of good mental health, and the signs that your mental wellbeing could be deteriorating.

Mental health is our emotional or psychological well being. It’s what suffers when we battle illnesses like anxiety and depression. When this aspect of our health is neglected, we’re not able to enjoy our lives to the fullest. Individuals with poor mental health are often more susceptible to becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol. They turn to these substances to try and compensate for their mental health issues. This self medicating can be extremely dangerous, and fails to address the underlying problem, and simply adds more health problems to the mix.

There are many different warning signs that a loved one is struggling with their mental health. Being able to recognize a downward spiral is crucial in being able to get a loved one help when they need it most.

Some of the common warning signs include:

  1. Dramatic changes in weight or eating patterns – People struggling with mental health often find themselves losing a significant amount of weight without changes to diet or exercise, while others gain weight by turning to food to compensate for their feelings. Also common is a lack of appetite.
  2. Sleep problems – Sleeping a lot more or less than normal is common when your mental health is declining. Another common sign is waking up after only a few hours of sleep, and being unable to fall back asleep.
  3. Hot temper – It’s common to find yourself flying off the handle over relatively minor things. People who have trouble controlling their temper are often under severe mental strain, and may not even realize that they’re angry.
  4. Shunning social activities – People with strained mental health tend to stop involving themselves in things and group activities they once enjoyed. They commonly just feel better when they’re at home, because socializing is often a draining activity for them.

Unfortunately, a stigma lingers over getting help for your mental health in the U.S. If you’re concerned for yourself or a loved one, don’t feel ashamed. Anyone can be affected by problems with mental health. Talk to a trusted family member or friend about what you’re feeling, and always contact a doctor if you feel you need professional help.

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