One thing that many families and friends of those struggling with addiction find themselves asking often is why? Why did their loved one begin using these drugs or drinking so heavily in the first place? Why didn’t they just reach out if they were struggling? Unfortunately, in some cases, there’s no one set answer to these questions, and that can simply pour salt on their wounds. But why DO people start using drugs or alcohol?

Life is hard. It can be pretty awful at times, and some people have extremely difficult circumstances to deal with day in and day out. Over time, this tends to wear a person down physically and mentally, and because drugs and alcohol are so glamorized in our society, it’s not uncommon for people to turn to them at as a way to cope with what they’re feeling. While this may seem crazy to us, when someone is at an extremely low point, it’s human nature to try almost anything to make ourselves feel better. Even someone who’s had a solid stance against alcohol could find themselves turning to a bottle.

This usually reflects some other aspect of their life, whether it’s family history, mental health or just how they feel. Someone who’s had a serious injury may have recovered well, but if they’re still feeling pain, they may turn to a harder drug to try to take the edge off. A person with family history of alcohol or drug abuse may be far more inclined to develope a problem, even if they ‘just want one drink’ to make them feel better, or ‘just one hit’.

People start using drugs or alcohol for any number of reasons, from life’s stressors to problems with family or at work, even just how they feel about themselves inside. The why is important because if you don’t know why someone started using in the first place, you won’t be able to help them overcome that in the future. Knowing why may also help bring you or your loved one some peace, because the known is far less scary than the unknown. Addiction thrives in the shadows, by forcing your problems into the light and addressing them, you’re taking away the power it holds over your life.

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