It is possible that either your parents or your children are using strange words in a shady tone that you are unfamiliar with. According to the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, there are over 2,300 terms used to describe drugs. It is important to know these words so that you are no longer fooled if someone living in your house is doing drugs.

Riding the wave or on a nod means being under the influence. To shoot, spike, boot, or slam means you are injecting yourself with drugs through a syringe. Bipping means snorting drugs and tweaker is finding crack cocaine. Because marijuana is one of the most abused drugs, there are hundreds of names based on its source, effect, or appearance of the plant. Terms that come from the geographical location and appearance of marijuana are African Bush, Chocolate Thai, Hawaiian Homegrown Hay, Indian Hemp, Tex-Mex, Manhattan Silver. Names from the appearance of marijuana include Black Gunion, Black Bart,  Green Goddess, and Red Bud.

Names from the effects of marijuana are Assassin of Youth, Crying Weed, Dry High, and Magic Smoke. Names can also come from how marijuana is packaged at wholesale bulk level or street sales like Doobie or Grass Brownies. Some names come from alterations to the name like Mary Jane, MJ, Mary and Johnny, Reefer, or pot. Street names to cover up the deception of marijuana include Astro Turf, Colorado Cocktail, and Yellow Submarine. There are also plenty of names for cocaine to describe how the plant begins green but then turns into a flaky white powder or hard, white rocks as crack cocaine after it has been used like Bernie’s Flakes, Crack, Gold Dust, Paradise White, Snow White, White Powder, or White Mosquito. In the 1970s, cocaine influenced the entertainment industry and American culture with names like All-American Drug, Double Bubble, Foo Foo, or Movie Star Drug. Deceptive street names for cocaine can be Base, Big C, Lady Caine, and Mama Coca.

Heroin has a share of names as well after being cut and packaged on the street like Black Tar, Brown Sugar, Red Rock, and White Stuff. It can also be from the effect and pureness like Brain Damage, Hard Candy, Hell Dust, and Rush Hour. It is important that if you hear any of these names to confront the person about their drug use so they can seek treatment.

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