A common concern many families face when their loved one enters addiction treatment is whether or not enough emphasis is being placed on the actual treatment. Family members may envision the treatment facility almost like a hotel, with higher end facilities offering a huge variety of amenities. These range from high end spa treatments to daily yoga classes, even horseback riding and snorkeling.  More common, ‘average’ facilities are far less extravagant, with a more basic approach to treating addiction.

Facilities with these extravagant amenities and features often leave family wondering if all they’ve done is secure a vacation for their loved one. When a patient’s addiction has had a severe, negative impact on friends and family, this can lead to bitterness from the families, who may still be hurting. It can be difficult to see someone, even family, who has caused pain and heartbreak seemingly relaxing, or even having fun.

These kinds of emotions are common. Even patients themselves can struggle with feelings of guilt or unworthiness, especially in the early stages of treatment. This is especially true if the patient has been at odds with the family member who helped get them into treatment.

When it comes to relaxation during inpatient treatment, this can mean anything from group yoga classes to getting a massage at a luxury, beach-front facility. It may simply seem as if people in treatment are just relaxing and kicking back, but these activities have an important goal. Helping people to lower their defenses and truly begin to relax internally can be vital to treatment. When a patient is more relaxed and at ease, they’ll be more willing to open up during therapy, or acknowledge an issue that’s hindering their progress.  Positive activities are good for the mind and soul, and help lay a positive foundation for recovery while opening the door for addiction professionals to help address any underlying mental health or physical health issues that may be fueling the destructive behavior.

The focus of recovery centers is just that – recovery. While your loved one may be able to reap some extra benefits while in treatment, they’re not there to enjoy it. Treatment and recovery must be taken seriously in order to provide true change. Your family members are in the hands of professionals that understand how to treat addiction, and knowing that they’re in a secure environment will take a weight off your shoulders.

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