There are people who experience negative feelings and anxieties and do nothing about them. According to The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, only 46-65% go to treatment. Experiencing troubled thoughts that interfere with your life is all the more reason why you need to see a therapist.

You are experiencing intense emotions.

Your emotions feel damaged and changes the way you are able to function. Whenever a challenge comes to you, the worst case scenario seems like the most realistic scenario. You feel constricted because you are avoiding a lot and feel angry or sad on a daily basis. A therapist can help you find your underlying problem and help you face the world again.

You cannot help but constantly think about the trauma you suffered.

You could have suffered an incident that took a toll on your emotions like the death of a loved one, losing your job, or an emotional breakup. Not being able to get that incident out of your head can push your friends away or change the way you live. By speaking to a therapist, you can talk about how the event affected you and how to move forward.

You are feeling sick as a result of your stress.

The way you feel emotionally can affect you physically. Being stressed can cause an upset stomach, frequent colds, or headaches. Muscle or neck pains can mean you are carrying stress and need to talk to someone about what is going on in your head to relieve the stress.

You are using drugs and alcohol to cope with your emotions.

If you are drinking or doing drugs in large doses or very often, it is clear that you need to find a healthy outlet for your emotions. You are substance abusing to numb your feelings that you are trying to avoid. If you speak to someone, you will be able to address your issues and find better ways to deal with the stress.

You no longer enjoy the activities you used to love.

When you attend clubs, see your friends, or have family gathering, that happiness you used to have you do not have anymore. You suddenly feel like all of your favorite activities serve no purpose and they make you feel unhappy instead. You may not even know why you feel that way which is what makes it important to speak to a therapist.






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