It can be hard to imagine your life without that person in it, even if it was a toxic relationship. You know who you are with that person but you do not know who you are without them. If you have been in a toxic relationship, you took the brave step in breaking away and now it is time to focus on your own needs and finding love again.

Being in a toxic relationship means that you have been with someone either physically or emotionally abusive. Despite the toxicity that person gave you, it was hard for you to break away from that person because of the love you had. Now that you are away from that person, it is important to make sure that separation sticks. Find purpose and identity while you have no one but yourself controlling your life. Make sure not to call, text, email, or visit that person no matter what that person says to you. You need to think back to what it was that made you decide to break away and not to forget those reasons even if you need to write them down and put it in a place you will always see it.

Cleanse your mind and emotions of the negativity this person had on your life to better move on. You can do this by doing yoga, aerobic exercises, tai chi, meditation, talk therapy, journaling, or taking part in religious practices. It is possibly your toxic partner made you feel like you could not do anything without that person. Set goals to tackle and accomplish that you can do without relying on anyone. Be responsible for your own finances, your career, and taking care of your body and emotional well-being. Fill your life with positive people who make you feel good and support your dreams in clubs, the gym, or classes.

Most people stay with toxic people because they are afraid of being alone. Just because you are single does not mean you are alone as you have family and friends with you to pick you up when you are down. You can also do solo activities like getting caught up in a good book or watching a movie. Lastly, when you are ready, open yourself to new love as you remember the qualities you are looking for in a person and to find someone who will respect and love you.

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