Cocaine is a highly powerful and addictive drug. Someone you know can be doing cocaine and you will have no idea. If you are aware of the signs of cocaine usage, it is important to make sure that the person you know gets into treatment right away as cocaine can have fatal results.

What are the physical signs of cocaine usage?

Since the common form of doing cocaine is through snorting it, look for powdery residue on their nose, face, or their clothing. Check under their bed or a flat surface they would use for snorting it. If that person uses the excuse that the powdery residue is powdered sugar, flour, or any other harmless substance, they are most likely lying to you if it is a common occurrence. Snorting cocaine can also mean sniffing their nose like they have a cold even if their nose is the only thing that bothers them as cocaine is hard on the sinuses. After using cocaine for a long time, it is common for nosebleeds and internal nose damage to occur. Look for red and watery eyes especially in the morning as cocaine use leads to sleepless nights. Take a look at the person’s hands, forearms, feet, and legs for small needle mark punctures as some inject cocaine with a needle.

What are the behavioral signs of cocaine addiction?

Someone with cocaine addiction may seem really happy for no reason as cocaine makes you feel euphoric. You could also feel paranoid like everyone is staring at you or out to get you. You could be laughing more, become aggressive, and hyperactive. You could be constantly leaving the room every twenty or thirty minutes since the high from cocaine is short. Be aware of any stealing from friends or family to finance their drug habit.

What are the financial and social signs of cocaine addiction?

That person may be staying out later than usual or is taking frequent trips to the bathroom. House bills may go unpaid and unexplained debt can rise up since paying for drug habit is top priority for them. Relationship problems can also occur as that person can be spending more time with drug-using friends that support the unhealthy habit more than anyone else. That person can also be working extra long hours because of the increased energy from cocaine and frequent absences or tardiness can lead to job loss.

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