Spring is the season for the start of something new. In this case, it is the perfect time to give your house the makeover it has needed all year. Spring cleaning does not have to be stressful in which you work each room at a time and make goals to keep.

You do not need to feel overwhelmed by all of the room you need to clean if you take everything one room at a time. The first step is not to do everything at once as it will burn you out. Just dedicate a couple of hours with one room at a time. Do not rush cleaning it as you want your clean room to last until next spring. It will help to put on your favorite music to get you in an upbeat mood and pace yourself.

The second step is to write down what needs to be clean in each room. Take a good look around and find what sticks out the most. Do the windows have too many smudges? Is there too much dust on the shelves? Are your clothes rolled up into a ball in your closet or on the floor? Write down everything you see that needs to be clean. The third step is to get your cleaning supplies or shop for new ones. Make sure you have a mop, paper towels, sponges, duster, Windex, bleach, etc. If you are dusting, try to find masks to cover your nose and mouth with so that you do not get sick.

The fourth step is to throw out items that you do not need anymore. You might have clutter around from when you were little that you never use anymore that is just gathering dust. It helps to think about the last time you used that item and how important it is for you to have it. Will you regret being apart from the item? If an item is a waste of space, either throw it away or donate it to charity as someone else might have better use of it. The fifth step is to check off each item in your list after cleaning and do not leave your room until it is completely clean. Focus on putting items on your shelf or in a box somewhere you can find it. Once you finish, you will be relieved that it is over and done with.

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