The holidays can be a fun, joyful time of year for a lot of people. For others, it’s a hard, painful season that brings back equally painful memories. Whether it’s past family problems that have you feeling blue this season or struggling with your past addiction, it’s not uncommon for people to feel down during the holidays. It’s a season of reflection, both of the good and the bad, but it’s important to also take time to work on yourself a little. If you’ve been struggling throughout the year, or just during the holidays, this time of year is the perfect opportunity to work to find yourself a little peace.

If you have a fractured relationship with friends or family, reach out. This season of goodwill may be a bridge you can use to begin to heal the wounds you both have, and many people find they are more willing to talk things through and make amends during the holiday season. Time is a valuable thing, and if you can take a step to fix something you feel is wrong, there’s no more of it that you can waste just thinking about it. Go visit them, make the call, or even just write a letter.

If your turmoil is inside yourself, remember that it’s okay to take time away from friends and family to clear your mind. Whether it’s sitting down to a meal with family or shopping by yourself, find something this holiday season that you really, truly enjoy, and allow yourself to enjoy it. You’re allowed to have fun, and you’re allowed to have peace of mind. Get yourself in the right headspace for it by enjoying yourself.

Most of all, take this time of year as an opportunity to let the past be the past. Choices, mistakes, and things said in the past can take a toll on your present life if you let it. AS you go through your holiday traditions, work to start to forgive yourself or others for some of those  past choices, and let them go. Tis the season to be merry, not to be sulk about things you can’t change now, and it may surprise you how much better you feel after letting some of the past go.






Part of finding that peace is realizing when it’s time to finally take the step and get help for your drug or alcohol addiction, whether it’s the first time or you’ve relapsed. It’s crucial that you not only get help, but you get the RIGHT help for you and your life. Everyone is different, and The Springboard Center is ready to help guide you to recovery through tailored to you residential or outpatient treatment programs. Don’t let addiction continue to rule your life. Take your future back and make the call today: 432-620-0255.