Life can be a bear sometimes. It can be hard, and ugly, and just downright miserable. Especially in today’s world, where news is right at our fingertips, it seems like we’re just constantly swimming in bad news, horrible stories and awfulness at every turn. With so much negativity in the world, it’s easy to get caught up in it, and it’s easy to become a Negative Nancy, complaining about anything and everything that doesn’t go our way. Seeing everything with a glass half empty perspective puts a shadow on your day, especially if you wake up that way. If the first thing you do in the morning is grumble about some minor inconvenience that’s annoyed you already, this article is for you.

Yes, it’s exceedingly frustrating when the bathroom bulb burns out when you turn it on in the morning. No, it’s never fun to get caught in rush hour traffic on your way to work that makes you late. While those may normally start your day on a sour note that puts you in a grouchy mood the rest of the day, in the grand scheme of things, it may be worth not letting things like that get under your skin. Think about it this way: You could be in a much worse place in the world, struggling just to get fresh water or clean clothes for your kids. You could not have electricity, or a job.

The easiest way to change your perspective on life is simply to keep a perspective at all. Your life may be full of minor inconveniences or major trials. No one skates through life unchallenged or unchecked, but there’s a good chance that somewhere in the world, someone would love to you have your problems, instead of wondering how they’re going to feed their kids, or trying to dig out from a natural disaster that swept their town away. Life isn’t easy at times, but try to remember that it could always be worse, even if it doesn’t feel like it.

You’re allowed to get upset about things in your life, nobody’s questioning that in the slightest, but what’s unhealthy is when you adopt the woe is me type of attitude that makes you focus in on your own issues. Take a breath, remember that it could most likely be worse, and work through the problem if you can, rather than just grumble about it.

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