When working in an office with professionals, it is important to behave different with them compared to how you are around your friends and family. Your managers and your employees need to take you seriously and your behavior can reflect on your performance. By being polite, answering the phone and eating right, you will be able to impress your employees.

Always say “please” and “thank you” when the moment comes. If you ever need to leave early, say “excuse me.” Hold the door open for anyone behind you. If you are unsure if they are going to go inside, ask them “May I help you with the door?” When someone is speaking, wait your turn until you hear a pause and then you can speak instead of interrupting. When someone in the office makes an accomplishment like winning an award or getting a promotion, congratulate them as they will feel like you care and are not envious of their success.

If you are talking to a business associate who is older, give a greeting unless otherwise specified. Give complete sentences when you are talking to that person such as “Good morning, Mr. or Mrs….how are you doing this morning?” Do not use slang or vulgar language. Since these people are those who can control whether or not you keep your job, these are people you speak to with respect. Offer to shake their hand when you see them. The way you look says everything when you are at work such as making sure that you shower every day, that your hair, skin, and nails are clean. Make sure to wear business casual clothes instead of wearing a T-shirt, not having your shirt tucked in, or wearing a hat.

How and where you speak on the phone will say a lot about your personality. If you are in the middle of a meeting or in the bathroom, you should not be on the phone where everyone will hear. Be polite and let the person on the phone know you will call them back later. Use a smile when you are on the phone to reflect your voice and do not speak loudly. Instead of constantly calling that person if they are not answering, just leave a message and wait patiently for them to call you back. These tools are the key to being polite and gaining respect from your associates.

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