One of the many options to consider when selecting a treatment facility is whether or not a gender-specific treatment is right for you. Addiction affects both men and women, but each gender may not benefit from the same approach to treating it. The different sexes experience addiction differently, and a facility that caters to only men or women helps to promote a distraction-free, comfortable recovery environment, while addressing the health issues that men or women specifically face.

Men and women often begin abusing drugs or alcohol for vastly different reasons. With any addiction recovery plan, one of the steps that must taken before you can truly begin to recovery is that you must be honest with your counselor, and yourself. Often, having the two genders together during treatment, especially group therapy, can be a distraction, or an excuse to not be completely honest for fear of embarrassment.

Some of the benefits of gender-specific treatment include:

  1. More comfortable – Patients are more likely to be comfortable talking in group discussions, and being more relaxed can make treatment more beneficial to them. This is especially true for men, who normally are resistant to talking about topics like feelings, self esteem or fear.
  2. No tough expectations – People, especially males, aren’t as likely to put up walls or a tough exterior, which can make treating the addiction difficult. Patients who struggle with this often feel that they’re a failure, for having a problem with addiction.
  3. Less judgement – Men and women alike often find it easier open up about what they’re going through when they’re surrounded by their fellow men or women. Some instances, like when a female patient may get upset hearing how a male patient acted under the influence, may be avoided, leading to more productive therapy sessions.
  4. Removes potential distractions – Many patients struggle with mixed-gender treatment, feeling distracted or embarrassed at times by the wide variety of issues that must be addressed when treating addiction. Having all-male or female patients also removes the risk that patients will turn to relationships as a potential way to replace their addiction.

Some people will always prefer to be around both men and women, even throughout treatment and recovery, but for others, having the option to go to a facility that caters specifically to men or women can provide much needed structure, and a safe environment for them to begin to recover.

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