The kiddos are heading back to school and that can only mean one thing, fall is nearly here. Temperatures will soon drop, leaves will begin turning into a masterpiece of rustic colors, and Friday nights will be lit up across the country. The time to break out the hoodies and stock up on pumpkin spice is almost here.  Fall can be a great time in your recovery.  The engagement of all your senses that comes with fall can only be truly experienced through a clear mind.  Take some time out this year and find out how great these fall experiences can be in sobriety.

Check out a high-school football game:

There is something special about the pageantry of high-school football.  The Friday night lights shining bright.  The sound of marching bands bellowing out fight songs echoing through the air.  The passion of football night in towns across America is something that sobriety will allow you to experience on an even deeper level.

Hayrides can be very nostalgic:

Going on a hayride when you’re sober will take you back to when you were the kid.  Hayrides are a great way to experience everything fall has.  The crisp night’s air, clear skies with stars that seem to shine just a little bit brighter.  If you haven’t experienced a good hayride in sobriety, make sure you put it on your list.

Check out the fair:

In many parts of the country, the State Fair is the official kick-off to fall.  Carnival rides light up the sky while the aroma of popcorn and cotton candy fill the air.  Make sure you go and check out the exhibitions to see all the creative projects people just like you have displayed.  You may find a hobby that you’ll love.  You may even enter into the fair next year yourself. A blue ribbon looks great hanging above a fireplace.

Take a walk in the woods:

There aren’t many things more calming than a walk through the woods, especially as the leaves are changing. The beauty in the changing colors can be seen even more vivid through the eyes of sobriety.  Take in the smells and enjoy the sounds of freshly fallen leaves crumbling beneath your feet.

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