It is a common misconception that you need to be flexible in order to do any yoga pose. The truth is that by doing yoga, you will be able to become flexible with ease for any phyiscal activity you do. By doing yoga poses that focus on your shoulders, hamstring, and hips where people commonly lack flexibility, doing these poses everyday will improve flexibility.

Reclined Big Toe Pose

This yoga pose will stretch your legs and hamstrings. Lie on your back with your legs extended and feet flexed. Exhale and draw your right knee to your chest with a yoga strap or belt looped around the arch of your right foot. Straighten and extend your right leg up to the ceiling until your arms are straight, keeping your shoulders pressed to the floor. Lift your left leg up slightly and move your foot inward. Move and extend your right leg to the right side. Move your right leg back up toward the ceiling, remove the strap, and bend your knee toward your chest. Lower your right leg to the floor and repeat with the left leg for up to three minutes.

Standing Forward Bend

This pose will be a simple way to stretch your hamstrings. Start in a mountain pose. Inhale as you raise your arms and bend forward as you exhale. If it is possible, place your hands or fingertips on the floor. Put your belly in and up from the pelvic floor to protect your lower back and let your head hang from your spine. Stretch your hamstrings and keep your hips over your ankles.

Triangle Pose

Stand with your legs apart like a triangle four feet apart. Raise your arms and reach to your sides with your shoulders wide and palms up. Turn your left foot to the right and your right foot to the right at ninety degrees. Turn your right thigh outward so that your right knee cap lines to your right ankle. Exhale and extend your torso to the right over your right leg and bend from your hip joint. Rotate your torso to the left and let your left hip come forward and lengthen your tailbone toward your back heel. Stretch your left arm to the ceiling and keep your head in a neutral position or turn to the left. Stay in this pose for thirty to sixty seconds and inhale coming up.

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