When you are in recovery, you wish that you can be cured of your cravings. Unfortunately, addiction does not currently have a cure and it is possible that the cravings you have will always find a way to resurface called relapsing. It is important to think about your cravings and realize that there are more important things to do than indulge in them.

Make a list talk your way out

When you feel the urge to indulge in your cravings, talk yourself out of it. Make a list of all of the reasons that you know not to give into your cravings ahead of time and read that list when the time comes. List all of the reasons you have chosen to quit abusive substances and the negative consequences that have occurred or could possibly occur if you indulge. You can even make a video telling yourself that you know what you are feeling but how important it is that you do not give into your cravings.

Change your thought patterns

With cognitive behavioral therapy, you can learn to redirect your attention to something else or distract yourself until the craving passes. You can also use visualization such as imagining that you are in a relaxing setting like the beach or in bed at home. Challenge those thought processes that says “I cannot make it through the day without drugs” or “this feel will never go away so I should give in.” By challenging these thoughts, you can see the situation for the way it is.

Pick up a hobby

Not only are hobbies fun and can make you happy, but they can be an excellent distraction to your cravings. These cravings come from having nothing to do. By making sure each day is full of fun and useful activities, you will think first of those hobbies than you will of drugs. There are a number of hobbies you can do such as sports, arts and crafts, cooking, hiking, dancing, video games, writing, etc.

Acknowledge your urges

Instead of denying your cravings or trying to push them out of your head, acknowledge them. Use mindfulness to observe your thoughts and what you are feeling. Describe these thoughts either in your head, out loud, or on paper until you no longer feel these cravings. Admit when you feel uncomfortable or can feel your heart beating fast. Your urges will eventually pass.

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