Remember the old adage that time heals all wounds?  Sometimes you cannot physically see the destruction addiction has wrought in your life, but it is there.  It will take time to heal such a profound wound.  You may always have to live with the scars of addiction, but living without drugs and alcohol will get easier.  Here are some milestones others in recovery have seen.  These milestones prove it does get easier over time.

Coping mechanisms become routine

Many who are new to their sobriety journey feel constantly attacked by their need to use.  In response people develop coping mechanisms to fight off sudden urges.  Sparkling water, for example, is a common coping mechanism for alcohol cravings.  Those in recovery report at some point their craving shifted from wanting an alcoholic beverage to craving sparkling water instead.

Extracurricular activities become exciting

One recommendation treatment centers give is to involve yourself in extracurricular activities.  By avoiding boredom there is less of a chance to trigger relapse.  Early in recovery people will join anything and everything they can hoping it will keep their mind off their addiction.  Over time these activities become something they look forward to scarcely remembering why they started it in the first place.

Hyperawareness slows down

When you first decide to stop using you will see your hangup everywhere.  Glasses of wine in a restaurant, people using drugs in movies, and even certain songs on the radio immediately make you think of your addiction.  You can start to believe the world exists to make you relapse!  In your early stages of recovery your addiction is fighting hard to win control again.  Over time, recovered addicts report the world is definitely not after them.

In recovery your body and brain are trying to reorient back to what they were before addiction.  The healing process will take time.  Take advantage of the resources available to you to avoid relapse and regain your confidence.  You will need different levels of support along your journey.  One way you can keep your guard up and speed up your own healing is by helping others in their recovery journey.

Remember your addiction scar will always be there.  Do not let your guard down. Take it a day at a time.   Be encouraged by those who have gone before you.  They prove it will get easier and the constant fear of relapse will slowly fade.     

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