There are nearly countless benefits to getting sober and clean. We always talk about the benefits to your health, your relationships and finances when you beat an addiction, but one aspect that’s often forgotten, though it’s just as important, is the benefits to your career or job prospects.

It’s not uncommon for people struggling with addiction to have trouble at work in one way or another, and many often lose jobs they fought hard to get in the first place, which only adds to the guilt they feel. Addiction can have a massive impact on someone’s career, or the possibility of them landing that first great job, so it only makes sense that getting sober makes just as big a difference in their work performance or job opportunities.

Employees who are sober tend to be more honest. Nobody will always be perfect, but when you’re not struggling with cravings or withdrawals at work, or missing shifts due to being high or from medical issues, it will be a lot easier to have a good relationship with coworkers and your boss because they’ll actually be able to trust that what you’re saying is what they can believe, and that you’re not just high. Being honest with the people you work with can make it easier to reach out, if you should ever need help managing work and your recovery.

When you’re not yo-yoing on and off of an addictive substance, your emotions and mood have a chance to level out, which makes it easier to work with people you may not like, and coworkers are comfortable approaching you with issues, instead of worrying whether or not you’ll blow up over a simple error that needs fixed. Being more level headed at work will help your own stress too, and when you’re not as stressed about work, you’re less likely to relapse.

Especially if your boss or company was supportive during your time in treatment and the early stages of recovery, a sober employee who was able to keep or return to a job is more likely to stay loyal to their position. While a change in careers can be healthy and beneficial, a supportive, constructive work environment is invaluable, and employees recovering from addiction with this job atmosphere usually show their gratitude with hard work and focus.


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