One of the poses that people do at the end of a yoga class is called Savasana. The act of lying on the floor can be so simple, yet powerful, as it demands a person lie there and do nothing, with nowhere to go for the moment. It seems everyday, people are running, running, running, going after a sense of contentment. The act of lying on the floor can be the antidote to what your sobriety needs to bring peace and contentment in the midst of challenge.

Get Grounded

When we let ourselves lay on the floor and just breathe, we realize the importance of contentment and peace. It is by lying down on the earth, still and relaxed, we begin to feel deeply at rest, even if this goes against everything consumer culture tells us. By grounding ourselves and lying down, we are practicing something countercultural. We are beginning to practice something that is against what everyone else is saying or doing.

Subversive Action

Savasana is a subversive action in that it is an act of disobedience against a culture that tries to tell us how to be and how to do things their way. We say no to all the programming and the rest of the ways people live life on earth. We can be present in the moment and make a huge shift in our own lives. It is not a dangerous thing, per se, but it is countercultural: learning to rest, surrender, release, and connect with the earth. We need less and take less, resulting in smaller impact on the planet and future generations.

Joining Others

The act of Savasana is done with others in community, or alone, but we know we are not alone in the universe by this one act alone. We don’t have to compete with being fancy. We can just show up as we are and begin to figure out our own spiritual identity. It enables us to fully participate in the act of submission to our own body’s desire for rest and inner peace. In recovery, it is hard to feel connected to a sense of peace when everything else swirls around. By lying on the ground, we are able to find a way towards inner peace and wholeness that supports our sense of purpose and healing.

Even though Savasana is not a magic pill that will solve the world’s problems, it can play a valuable role in helping to drive out much of the consumerism in our lives, bring us to awareness of what is important, and focus on our own inner journey in recovery.

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