Spirituality and recovery is often a hot topic in recovery circles because everyone approaches it from a different, very personal, angle. Experience, much like recovery and spirituality, all denote things depending on how a person views it. Everyone has experiences, but they all vary greatly. Much the same can be said with spirituality and recovery.

Sum of the Parts

Recovery and spirituality are, in essence, one and the same. You cannot have one without the other. People with addiction do not have to have spirituality but it is something that can help shape and support a long term recovery outlook. Recovery is not even necessarily something that lasts forever because a person may relapse. But this ‘starting over’ piece of recovery does not negate all the work that came before. It simply means it is time to hit reset and find your way back again. True, honest recovery is rooted in the sense that you can accept this new reality that you cannot use drugs or alcohol to numb out the pain, escape, or run away. It is rooted in a larger realization the sum of the parts is putting recovery into a larger perspective of mind, body, and spirit all coming together to shape this new journey.

A Third Way

Think of recovery as a ‘third way,’ a new way of being in the world. You are looking at all the ways you live out your life and carry yourself forward. This is an attitude or state of mind. A spiritual approach to recovery is about being honest with yourself. Honesty flows from openness to self and others, in how you approach life now and in the future. A facet of being open and willing is that gift of presence. When you are willing to listen, you may take an approach that focuses on how you are willing to cultivate openness and a sense of purpose in your own journey.

Finding the awesome power of recovery takes time because you are so used to feeling a high from substances. There are awe-inspiring people and places that can take your breath away but there is also a deeper, inner space that can be cultivated within your soul that can be transformative as well.  Gratitude can cultivate a sense of spiritual growth, knowing that we make mistakes, slip up, and yet we are forgiven and offered an opportunity to continue growing. We can be grateful for what we have, whom we have in our lives, and how we choose to live our lives because that is most important above all.

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