There is true power in being with other people who are working the steps and seeking support in recovery. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a group that provides a safe, non-judgmental space to grow and learn about yourself in sobriety. Find out more about AA and why you should keep going back for support.

Someone Else Needs You

Your story is what makes you unique, but it also may be impactful to someone else who needs to hear your story. Perhaps you have a familiar face in the room that reminds someone they are in the right place. You never know what your presence is bringing to the table and how valuable it might be to someone else. When you finally go back to AA after a period of time away or just a day, you can find comfort in knowing people there will likely remember you and be happy to see you return.

AA Thrives as a Group

AA is not built on an individual person, but everyone doing their part as the larger group. When people come together, great things can be achieved. People show up for fellowship and, even if they suffer, they still come to work towards healing. The program only works when community comes together as a collective of individuals.

Ongoing Practice

Alcoholism is a form of amnesia. Without consistent practice, you may confront, accept, and reflect on your own condition while building coping skills needed to manage life. It is easy to return to old ways (which are not helpful). If you fool yourself into thinking you have more power over a situation than you actually do, you might end up stuck. When you fall out of the routine that helps you sustain recovery and keeps you accountable, you begin to move backwards. Be sure to practice everyday like you would if you were going on stage with a drama troupe. You would not show up the day of the show not knowing your lines, where to stand, how to interact with others, or even what show you are part of in that moment. Knowing where you are and what you need to do is important for sobriety.

Find Joy

You may wonder whether you have the personality to keep going but each time you share experiences, there is a chorus of gratitude that swells up to greet you. The energy you have brings you to a space of feeling grateful and, when you understand something, you begin to experience true joy. This joy can help take you through the ups and downs of recovery.

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