When you’re taking your first steps into sobriety, you will constantly hear from people helping you through the process about how great sobriety is, and what a gift sober living is. It honestly can feel like a line sometimes, and to some people, perhaps it is, but to the people who know what it’s like to claw your way out of addiction and emerge into sober living for the first time in possibly years, there’s no greater truth; life isn’t always perfect, but sober life is a good life.

One of the most obvious perks about sober living is that you’re not blowing cash on drugs or alcohol like you were before. You may not have as high an income level as you did before you went to treatment for addiction, but no matter what, any day you keep more of your hard earned money in your own pocket is a good day. Sobriety is great because you have more financial freedom, which means you’re more able to do the things you love, even if it’s just buying your first grandchild that extra Christmas gift, or surprising your brother with a great concert for you two to enjoy. Sobriety is freedom in more than one way, and when you’re not chained to a drug or a bottle, you’re free to work, play, sleep, and everything in between without losing focus because you need a fix.

Sobriety is great because you get to wake up to life. You’re not hung up in a bottle or a syringe, you’re able to really see life for what it is. It’s not always pretty, and it can be pretty awful sometimes, but having your wits around you will make it twice as easy to deal with whatever comes your way, and for the good things, being able to remember them is priceless, rather than being locked in a haze of drugs or alcohol. YOU get to make your choices, not the chemical that’s got you twisted up inside, and that’s a pretty great feeling. Being back in control of your life, even just with overcoming your addiction, is a big step towards getting to where you want to be, wherever that may be.





After you’ve been drowning in your drug or alcohol addiction, being able to have a healthy, lasting recovery is like taking a deep breath after you’ve been under water for a long time, and when you’re finally ready to take that breath, The Springboard Center can work with you to help you find the best fit for your treatment. If you’re struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, you need to see that your life IS worth turning around. Take control of your life again, and call today: 432-620-0255