Vyvanse can sharpen your focus and concentration by creating more activity in the brain and central nervous system. Because of this, people use a lot of this drug to have more energy throughout the day when really it does not do much to increase your performance. Addiction has the power to ruin your life so you need to get into treatment in order to have a successful recovery.

What is Vyvanse?

A central nervous system stimulant to treat ADHD as well as binge eating. Many people rely on this drug to boost work and school performance.

What are the symptoms of Vyvanse?

Many tend to feel confident, intelligent, and competent when really their performance is declining. You could experience high self-esteem and self-confidence, high levels of energy, mood changes, aggression, sudden health or finance problems, and extreme highs and lows.

How can Vyvanse affect me?

You can develop a worsening mental health, organ failure, cardiovascular problems, appetite change, excessive sweating, brain damage, panic attacks, low IQ, and can have trouble functioning without it.

Who is at risk for Vyvanse addiction?

You are at risk for Vyvanse addiction if you need to take it to treat ADHD or other mental health conditions, have a family history of drug abuse, using to self-medicate a mental health condition, history of trauma or abuse, or have a previous history of drug abuse.

What kind of treatment options are available for Vyvanse addiction?

Medical detox will put you under the watchful eye of a medical team when you experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. There is inpatient treatment such as going to therapy to learn how to take action to stay sober. There are executive rehabs that will work with people who cannot afford to take time off of work. These places offer business supplies, privacy, and meeting space. There is also luxury rehabs where you will be in a spa-like setting with educational opportunities and your own private suite. There are 12 Step programs like Narcotics Anonymous where it is run by peers like you sharing their stories and meeting up with a sponsor to better help them. If you feel like you cannot take time off to live in a facility, you can go to an outpatient facility a few times a week where you will get access to services in most rehabs and be able to go home by the end of the day.

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