When we turn on the news and find out that our favorite singer or actor/actress has died from a drug overdose, it takes us by surprise if we had no idea they had an addiction problem to begin with. We put the rich and famous at such high standards that we forget even they can be imperfect just like us. If there is anything we can learn from celebrity overdoses, it is that we need to do a better job taking care of ourselves and that if a celebrity can die from an overdose, it can happen to us as well without treatment.

It is a common stereotype that celebrities have drug problems since they are expected to live a lively lifestyle with drugs and booze. It still does not mean that these celebrities do not have an inner problems that they have not shared with anyone. We place high standards on celebrities as we feel like they are mythical legends who are exactly like the people they play on television. We read about their lives in magazines, newspapers, and online and think that we know them. Because we see these celebrities as perfect beings, it keeps coming as a surprise to find out they were struggling with an addiction and that they lost their battle. We wake up and realize our own mortality that if something terrible can happen to them, the same thing can happen to us.

In order for the deaths of these celebrities not to go in vain, we need to find a way to learn from these deaths. Addiction can affect anyone whether they are rich or poor, famous or average. Money and fame cannot beat addiction as it needs to be managed with the help of a recovery professional. When you have an addiction, nothing should stand in the way of that even if it means you need to take a break from touring or filming more of your television show to get that help. We also learn that addiction does have the potential to kill if you do not do anything about it and no one is immune from that no matter what your social status is. We have the potential to better ourselves and learn from the mistakes of those we used to look up to. Do what you can to get the help you need to be your own hero.

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