Nelson Mandela once said, “For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.” Likewise, sober living is not merely to wake up every day and feel better because you are not using, but to channel sobriety into a life that benefits those around you.

Many addicts who have sought treatment choose to transition into a sober living environment. These centers offer environments completely free of any potential addictive substances including Licotine. Some centers even prohibit items like mouthwash because of the alcohol within. There are many benefits to seeking a transitory stay in a sober living environment. The benefits offered are meant to help carry a sober lifestyle into the real world upon graduation.

Some of these benefits are:

  • A Structured Environment – It is important for someone recovering from an addiction to continue some level of the structure they received in treatment. Many sober living environments use 12-step programs to build structure around. Structure and routine give a person a solid foundation to go to if they feel the quaking of relapse coming on. As they learn the value of structure and routine they will be equipped to develop their own in society helping to ensure their sobriety.
  • Community Development – Many who are in recovery have left their friends because continuing to hang out with them would almost certainly end in relapse. Being in a sober living environment gives a recovering addict the opportunity to connect and build relationships with others who want to stay sober. These connections are easily maintained as they re-enter society. This reinforces the fact that people can still be social and enjoy life apart from substances.
  • Building a Support System– A community created through sober living instinctively begins to support each beyond a sober living environment.. By the time someone graduates they will have built and experienced the value of a solid support system. Creating a support system will ensure continued sobriety as they face life’s challenges.
  • Normalcy – Probably one of the greatest benefits to sober living is experiencing it as a normal way to live. Many addicts have been unable to picture what their lives could be like after addiction. Some have a hard time believing that life can be filled joy apart from substances. Getting a taste of sober, living in a sober environment, will inspire newly recovering addicts that sober living is possible and better.

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