Methamphetamine is one of the greatest drug threats the U.S. is currently faced with. Meth has a more powerful effect than cocaine, with users feling a rush of euphoria or bliss, better attention and more energy, often with a decrease in appetite. It’s one of the most addictive drugs, even though the production process and its ingredients are extremely dangerous by themselves.

Meth was commonly use during WWII to ward off fatigue, but over production and over use caused the first widespread epidemic during the 1950s. To help enforce laws banning the substances, the government began to regulate the sale of the chemicals needed to make meth. Some ingredients are common, while others are far more restricted and can kill you on their own. The ‘recipe’ for meth can vary wildly, but many of them use the same basic formula.

The most commonly used ingredients to make meth include:

Lithium – Found in batteries, it reacts violently with water, is extremely explosive and burns the skin.

Acetone – an ingredient in nail polish remover or paint thinner. Extremely flammable.

Sulfuric acid – found in drain cleaner, highly corrosive

Lye – used to disentegrate roadkill, causes blindness.

Ephedria – an ingredient in many diet pills or types of cold medicine. Has serious effects ont he nervous system and heart in large doses.

Lighter fluid, anti-freeze, ether, even hydrochloric acid, which is used to remove rust from steel, are all other relatively common chemicals that are used to produce meth.

These are just some of the chemicals used in the production of meth. Almost every ingredient of the drug has a serious, negative affect on the human body or a person’s health, yet meth is one of the most consumed illicit substances in America. People often find themselves hooked within just a few uses.

Not only are the ingredients extremely dangerous, the process of making meth can end in disaster. Many homes, trailers and even work trucks have been destroyed when one or more of the needed chemicals ignites, often killing the individuals who were trying to make it.

With an ingredient list full of chemicals that can kill a person individually, it’s no mystery why meth has such a detrimental effect on a person’s health. At The Springboard Center, we know that you and your family need a treatment provider you can trust. Incorporating the best of practices we have created a meaningful program to restore health and dignity with quality care and counseling. Call us today for information on how we are serving the Permian Basin: (432) 620-0255