Real Stories’s “Mum, Heroin, and Me” is about the relationship between a 20 year-old heroin addict, Hannah, and her mother, Kate, who still trying to be there for her through it all. This documentary shows a hard look at what it is like to be a heroin addict and how her mother is doing whatever it takes to ensure her daughter is alive and always in communication with her.

We learn that Hannah had medical problems growing up with her colon and how the heroin could have been her way of dealing with the trauma of going through those exams at a young age. We see Hannah injecting herself with a needle full of heroin and struggling to find the vein each time. She had a boyfriend who was also an addict. They both claimed that they wanted to quit but like Hannah’s mother said, it was an unhealthy relationship in that if one recovered and the other did not, it could lead to a relapse. Her boyfriend has also stolen from the mother’s home in order to support his heroin but she still allowed him in her house because she knew that he was trying to satisfy his cravings.

We also see Kate enabling her daughter’s addiction by giving her money for the drugs as well as even taking her to her dealer. Kate’s reasoning was seeing her daughter go through withdrawal symptoms and how rehab did not work for her. She felt like supporting her drug habit would keep her alive and not experience withdrawal. Kate’s husband has tried to tell Kate that she should be using “tough love” on Hannah but Kate felt like that would be pushing Hannah away from her. Hannah has been homeless, in hostels, and in apartments with her boyfriend. According to a hostel manager, by Hannah not losing her family or being cut out, she felt no motivation to get better if she still had her mom and her boyfriend.

Unfortunately, Hannah heads down a dark road as she becomes a shoplifter and steals from the grocery store. This proves that one addiction can lead to other. Hannah admitted in the beginning that all of the drugs she took in the past led her to heroin. This documentary may be hard to watch but it shows the harsh reality of an addict’s life as well as what the family dynamic is like.

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