It seems so many people are angry about something nowadays. Anger brings powerless, brings anxiety, fear, and many other negative emotions. There is not much healthy that comes out of anger. It brews inside a person, begging to be expressed physically. Learning to harness the power of anger into clarity can be transformational for addiction recovery, with help from Buddhism.

Sharing Secrets

Anger is a great fuel for the fire of recovery. If people knew how to truly harness the fire into clarity, confidence, and compassion the world would be a better place. The Buddhists have been designing this clarity-seeking process for a long time. The secret is known as “Tog Chod,” the Tibetan Wisdom Sword. This Tantric Buddhist method can transform negative emotions, especially anger. The dance is delicate but able to be surpassed with focus and determination.


Tantric Buddhism is a tradition that focuses on teaching wisdom of the mind. In the Tantric path, nothing is rejected. Everything can be used as a tool for transformational purposes, like a diamond that is clear and indestructible. To aid in transformation, people just need to use what they already have. Rather than pushing emotions away, people need to skilfully employ the tools in front of them.


Cutting through the noise of life to become transformed requires patience. The true magic of practicing Buddhist principles for moving past anger to clarity requires a different mindset. To get started, try these tips:

  • Liberate oneself from oppression, including negative thoughts.
  • Use anger to motivate oneself, get focused, and be alert
  • Direct energy toward a clear goal of unravelling the knots of the mind
  • Tap into innate wisdom
  • Affirm belief in one’s own pure nature and state resolve to do good for oneself and others
  • Assume a power pose like side lunge and focus on holding it mindfully
  • Visualize oneself as a powerful being
  • Stomp and yell in a controlled act, moving forward with each step to release negative emotions
  • Sit and breathe. Rest in one’s own awareness not to follow any thoughts that arise

Once the brain is trained to think differently, the body can soon follow and thus the journey from anger to clarity, chaos to hope, can begin.

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