We need food in order to live as we need a certain amount of nutrients to last us throughout the day. Because we know how good food can taste, what we eat can be as addictive as drugs or alcohol. If you feel like you are not eating for the sake of nourishing yourself and you get a high from eating a lot of food, it is possible that you have a food addiction.

You have food cravings even though you are full.

You just ate a full meal that probably had the main course, side dishes, and vegetables. Despite this big meal you had, you still have an urge to eat something else. It happens when you have trouble controlling yourself. You are not eating because you need more energy for the day or more nutrients but your brain is telling you that eat more food will make you feel good.

You are eating more than you planned.

Maybe you saw that piece of candy and just decided to have one. Before you know it, you are eating a handful. There is no such thing as having a little bit as you feel if you are eating now, there is no reason to stop. Healthline says 54% eat more than they intended frequently or all of the time.

You are eating until you are truly full.

Also known as binge eating, you could be going back and forth eating a lot of food until you feel too sick to eat anything else again for the rest of the day, leading to massive weight gain.

You feel guilty after you eat a lot but will do it again soon.

You know that you are not supposed to be eating that dessert or junk food but you go against your better judgment and eat it anyways. Despite feeling guilty for doing this and feeling like your willpower is weak, you will still repeat that same mistake again because you cannot help yourself.

You are constantly making excuses for your excessive eating.

When you feel like eating more food, you might make excuses for why you feel the need to eat more. It can be that you cheat on a certain day or a certain time of day to eat something sweet. The excuses will continue as to why it is a good idea to give into your craving and continue eating.

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