We are living in a technology-centric world where majority of jobs and homework assignments are all virtual. We tend to get glued to our screens and depend on them to get our work done as well as to communicate with our friends and family. It is important to take a break from technology for a few hours during the day to keep your physical health in check as well as to exercise from all of those hours sitting down.

Spinal problems

Spending hours scrolling through Instagram or sending text messages can strain your back. When you tilt your head at sixty degrees to stare at your phone, it puts sixty pounds of pressure on your neck. Sitting in front of the computer all day in the same position will affect your stature as well since you normally have to hunch down to look at your laptop screen. Putting your cell phone to your ear and shoulder without using your hands can put your neck in a bad position. Raise your laptop at eye level to avoid hunching and take a short break by doing exercises like shoulder rolls.

Skin blemishes

While we tend to get bad skin from too much sweat out in the sun, having bad skin can also come from technology devices we use all the time. According to Everyday Health, germs pile up on phones from the environment and we are putting those same phones to our ears and face. This can trigger acne or eczema outbreaks. To avoid this, it is best to sterilize your phone and to be hands-free as much as possible.

Eye strain

Just like when you are warned not to stare too close at the television set when watching your shows, the same goes for when you are on your computer screen. Too much eye contact with the screen can exhaust your eyesight which can make your vision blurry and dry your eyes. According to USA Today, 70% of American adults have had digital eye strain at some point in their life.


Not only can staring at the screen too long cause problems with your eyes but can also give you tension headaches. Seeing dark text on a bright screen can send muscle spasms to your temples. To avoid this problem, adjust the bright contrast of your screen so that your eyes are not burning and to lessen headaches from occurring.

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