TED Talks give speakers the opportunity to open express that they had struggles with addiction. They also give speakers the opportunity to tell people what helped them recover. Here are two TED Talks of speakers who shared their story of what methods worked for them and can inspire others to do the same.

Actress and singer Claudia Christian’s “How I Overcame Alcoholism” is about her struggle with alcohol and how she discovered a method of how to overcome it. When she would try to quit, she would face the withdrawal symptoms of having convulsions. Christian would hear a voice in her head telling her that it was okay to drink and she would be fine. Christian felt her addiction could have been genetic since she has a family history of addiction. Christian did not expect to become addicted. She knew that she had to stop.

After trying a number of alternative therapy methods, Christian came across a flyer for a shot that was to stop the dopamine levels rising whenever you drink called “The Sinclair Method.” After taking the shot, Christian was able to drink without feeling cravings. She concludes her speech telling the audience how we need to view addiction the same way that we view a physical illness. That we cannot view addiction as a choice that we can just stop. It needs to be taken seriously as a monster that is trying to control us.

Option Traders Tom Gill’s “Redefining Recovery” is about Gill discovered a method of his own for recovery. Gill knew he had to get help as he realized that he did not have any positive relationships anymore. He went to a rehab and the counselor there told him that many people leave because they do not realize that they need to make changes in their lives in order to recovery. He told Gill to speak to another recovering addict who was there. They spent five minutes talking about sports but Gill noticed that the recovering addict seemed happier after they talked compared to before. Gill discovered that one of the best things that people in recovery can do is to make small gestures towards other people since when you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you are thinking only of what you want. Making small gestures to other people will give you a purpose in your life and improve your life.

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