Some people are not naturally creative and tend to use their left brain more which is their logical, analytical side. It is important once in a while to use our right brain to unleash your creativity. Creativity can come in handy whenever you are told in business or in life to think outside the box so find ways to explore your creative mind further.

Open your mind to different media.

Limiting yourself to only certain kind of entertainment will not encourage any original thought. Step outside your comfort zone and try something different. For example, if you are used to reading romance novels, try reading a science book as you may be surprised that you like it. If you tend to listen to emo music, give classical music a try as you might try to blend emo and classical music if you are an aspiring DJ.

Make a small creative effort every day.

Find some time every day to unleash your creativity. It does not need to be a big practice that will stress you out to get it done but just little things like doodling, coloring, writing, a few stanzas of poetry, etc. Spend about twenty minutes working on that activity and see what you can come up with.

Take a walk.

Walking helps clear your mind of stressful thoughts to leave room for creative thoughts. With no distractions, you are alone in your thoughts. Walk for twenty to thirty minutes on your block or up and down the hallways if it is raining outside.

Write in a journal.

Write in a journal every day and record your thoughts. Maybe you will write a book or a play based on what you see and experience. You can even write down your dreams as soon as you wake up in the morning. Bring your journal everywhere you go as your thoughts come to you.

Find inspiration around you.

Expose yourself to inspiration work that you can use for your next work of art. Read a book of poetry, see a show at a theatre near you, or see a television show that everyone is raving about to draw on inspiration.

Avoid being hard on yourself.

When you make drafts of your work, do not be hard on yourself that you cannot do it. A bad idea can just need to be thought out more. Open your eyes to different possibilities.

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