“Crack is whack”, but exactly how does this crystallized form of cocaine that’s often mixed with baking soda affect our brain? The hardened form of cocaine, named ‘crack’ for the sound it makes when smoking it, is far more potent that powdered forms, and since it’s smoked, it’s rushed to the brain through the bloodstream almost immediately, which results in an extremely powerful high that’s much quicker than powdered cocaine. We’ve gathered some of the different ways that crack affects your brain, both mentally and physically. These issues or conditions worsen with long term crack use, which can lead to many health complications that are fatal.

  1. Crack affects the structure and function of your brain – this results in significantly worsened memory and attention span, which can make it extremely difficult to hold down a job or attend school while struggling with a crack addiction.
  2. It sabotages your chemical system – Crack prevents your brain from producing dopamine when it naturally should with heavy use, which can seriously hinder activity through the brain, especially under stress.
  3. Crack can give you a brain bleed – a brain hemorrhage or aneurysm is entirely possible, especially with heavy, long term use.
  4. You’re also much more likely to have a stroke – The same dilation issues that lead to brain bleeding is also going to make you at a much higher risk of having a stroke, which can cause permanent brain damage or death.
  5. Crack is toxic – Crack is a type of stimulant that’s extremely toxic to certain brain cells, and when ingested, it can cause major changes to the way your brain works and processes.
  6. Movement problems are likely – muscle issues, including long term cramps and spasms due to neural damage, are extremely common.






As the command center, the brain is what drives the body, and it’s where what makes you who you are lives. The more damage you do to your brain, the harder the rest of your body has to work, and eventually, it will take a massive toll, whether through illness or just overall poor health. IF you or a loved one is struggling with an addiction to crack or cocaine, it’s important that you get help from an addiction specialist as soon as possible, so that you can stop any more permanent damage from being done. Crack addiction can make it feel like there’s no hope for your future, but recovery IS possible. The Springboard Center offers both residential and outpatient treatment, and even a support program for your family. Don’t wait another day. If you’re struggling with addiction, call today: 432-620-0255.