“I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.”  This famous quote by J. Robert Oppenheimer was spoken after the detonation of the atomic bomb.  The words fit the power of such an explosion.  Addiction, like the atomic bomb, is equally destructive.  Addiction has taken countless lives.  Many face the choice every day to give in to the loud pull of addiction or listen to the smaller voice’s warning about addiction hurting the body.  Below are three major ways addiction hurts.

Addiction changes the chemistry in your brain.

Why can’t an a person just stop?  This is a common thought that many have when they encounter someone with an addiction for the first time.  This thought is generated by thinking addiction is solely a choice to use or not use.  

With advances in research and studies about addiction it is now classified as a disease.  Science has revealed that addiction actually changes brain chemistry making it increasingly difficult to say no.  No matter what the addiction is, the brain will require more or different ways to achieve the same dopamine releases.  

Addiction destroys your body.

An alcoholic shows signs of jaundice and liver failure, while a meth addict begins to display a sunken face.  Both ailments are a sign that addiction is destroying their bodies.  Some addictions have more dramatic consequences, but all addictions affect the body negatively.  

However, bodies also have an incredible ability to heal.  The earlier a person receives treatment, the quicker they can enjoy life again.

Addiction impedes your ability to make wise decisions.

While a person is sober it is easy to resolve to never drink and drive.  A sex addict, who is not in the heat of the moment, might tell themselves they will never have unprotected sex.  Unfortunately, when a person gives into addiction the pleasure center of the brain will take over and reasoning will be compromised.  This is why many recovery programs suggest strong support systems.

Each time an addict lets pleasure make a decision for them and they make it through unscathed it reinforces the idea that there are no consequences.  In reality there are consequences that can become very real by blacking out and waking up in jail, or testing positive for HIV.

Addiction can destroy lives, but treatment saves them.  Not only does treatment save lives, but it also opens possibilities never before enjoyed.  If you are trapped by addiction, start treatment now and finally enjoy the best you.

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