Social media is one of the easiest and most popular modes of connection, communication, and self-expression in today’s world. It allows people to connect with others from all over the world. Through social networks, people are able to figure out how to sell products, services, and support causes near to their hearts. It opens up possibilities, but also comes with challenges when overused.

Social Media Matters

Going on social media for a long period of time each day, or multiple times, can cause serious mental health consequences. Intermediate and unrestricted access to everyone via social networking is not always a good thing for people in recovery trying to steer clear of those associated with their previous life. Substance abuse and addiction are difficult things to walk through in recovery. Social media can bring old people from that life into your sober journey, which may be triggering. The ability to create false identities online can prevent people from being accountable if they try to do anything that brings you or others you love harm.


Peer pressure can be difficult to overlook when dealing with addiction recovery. Moderation is the key, but for those who are prone to addictive behaviors, this is no easy task. You may not need to get offline altogether, but perhaps moderating use will be a better way to go. Trying to move forward in recovery, it can help to try these tips for not getting on social media too much:

  • Download apps that help you set boundaries around usage
  • Set privacy guidelines to keep content away that might trigger you
  • Find accountability partners to support your journey in recovery
  • Let go of old, toxic relationships that do not support your new life in sobriety

Finding people who can help you stay accountable in this new season of life is crucial. You may want to connect with those who can provide accountability and also help you continue your journey into sobriety. The risk is definitely worth taking if it means you have a healthier recovery, even if you do it offline, away from the world at large.

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