There are no perfect families as all families have issues that they need to overcome. Luckily, there are plenty of methods that family therapists use in order to put together a broken family. Family therapy is a good way for each family unit to voice out their struggles and to create a plan to make sure everyone gets along.

What kind of therapy focuses on the roles of each family member?

Structured therapy analyzes the assigned role of each family member as well as their social hierarchy. The power each family member holds is also examined and can sometimes be redistributed to other family members. This therapy helps empower each family member and treats each family member as an individual, helping everyone respect one another.

What kind of therapy focuses on the differences of opinion within the family?

Milan therapy analyzes the belief systems of each family member or everyone as a whole. A therapist would challenge a family’s rituals and practices that bring conflict to the family. This would force family members to confront the unconscious and conscious beliefs that each member has as well as to dismantle these beliefs that bring conflict to the family.

What kind of therapy focuses on family conflict?

Strategic therapy helps examine the interactions and conflicts that family members deal with and increases that awareness of these underlying problems. Families are assigned work to improve interactions with each other like facing a unique challenge or confronting a mental illness someone may have. The authority figure of the family is brought down which allows there to be communication changes to promote positivity and being able to have a civil conversation.

What kind of therapy helps family members find their personal strengths?

Narrative therapy embraces an individual’s positive qualities, gifts, and skills to confront and conquer problems occurring within the family or their own lives. This therapy will help break free from negative or destructive influences that undermine who you are and causes you to find a strength and value within yourself.

What kind of therapy helps with conflict within different generations of families?

Intergenerational therapy helps relationships and conflicts within different generations of family members like grandparents, parents, and children. Times are always changing and some family generations do not believe or understand certain societal beliefs such as gay marriage, forgetting the American dream, prom-posals, etc. This therapy can help bridge the generation gap.

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